The Translation Process

Every translation project is different in terms of its subject matter, language combination, level of technicality and target audience. My quotations are established taking all these elements into account.

Translation projects are charged on a per word basis, which will vary slightly depending on the language and subject matter, whilst proofreading jobs are charged at an hourly rate.

The first stage in the translation process involves an in-depth review of the text and discussion with the customer to address any specific requirements they may have. A deadline is agreed upon and direct contact may be maintained throughout the project to ensure that the customer's needs are met. I always translate into English from French and German and work with a network of translation professionals who offer other language combinations and always work into their native language.

In some cases, particularly in the fields of marketing and communication, a standard translation may not be sufficient and it may be necessary to rewrite a slogan, sales pitch or marketing brochure taking cultural differences into account. This type of work is charged on an hourly basis.